The Rangers Scholarship Fund (RSF) was founded in October of 2008 on the 25th anniversary of Operation Urgent Fury (OUF). The RSF was then officially established by 1st Ranger Battalion veterans of OUF as a non-profit organization in January of 2009, and as a certified tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in December of 2009. Incorporating Directors are Chairman Ike Eisenbarth, Secretary Tom Lazzaro and Treasurer Steve Parsons.

The intent of the RSF is to support the Ranger community. As all of us know, and fully understand, dependent family members have always been at the core of the Ranger community. The RSF, by providing a means of educational financial assistance to eligible dependent family members of current and veteran Rangers of the 75th Ranger Regiment, therefore serves as a conduit by which the Ranger community may be supported.

The World War II era Diamond Ranger insignia was chosen as the official logo of the RSF for several reasons. Firstly, the insignia is not currently in use within the Department of Defense, and secondly, since its inception, the insignia has served as a symbol representing all Rangers. The World War II era Diamond Ranger insignia was therefore chosen as the official logo of the RSF in order to duly recognize, serve, and honor all Rangers and their families, both past and present.

The RSF sincerely thanks all those who continue to serve their country, the Ranger community, and making this scholarship fund a reality.

Rangers Lead The Way!